Vítám tě na osobních stránkach Madam AngellyZde se dozvíš vše o této mladé, ale zkušené Domině


Even as a young girl I perceived my life as beauty nextricably connected with dominance. That’s why the world of BDSM, which I discovered later, became not only the symbolic background to find my own path in life, but also an ideal platform to create a perfect harmony of these two amazing features. Today, I am convinced that the world of BDSM for me is not only stylish character set of tools to gain domination over superficial humble but sophisticated set of keys, which allows me to open own and other’s hidden and unexplored terrains.

Moving submissiveness and experiences forward with my regular clients is my fullfilling. Therefore, I prefer long-term relationships. I am absolutely not against new encounters, but only in case you are not merely focused at one-off lesson from the beautiful dominatrix. If you really wish to gradually recognize your submissiveness and want to know where I can shift your limits, the meeting has purpose. At first, I insist on good communication. At the first visit, we will swap a few words to know your preferences and accordingly I determine the course of the first lessons that will be as unique as any work of art.

I love to find the path that will lead to your absolute humiliation, pleasure and fulfillment. The dominated feeling, which you will experience, is the pleasure of pain, because only the pain and suffering is the foundation of true fulfillment and climax. Another important milestone in our relationship is your absolute trust, which we will build together, step by step. My experience with BDSM is that I can come along with almost everyone. Domina is not my role, but mission.

I’m aware that I’m unusually attractive woman and I find joyful to abuse of dominance over men who yearn after me. Nothing compares to the feeling that the man humbly accepts any whim just to deserve my attention. When do I get my manicured feet or high heels delay ecstasy tortured manhood, I know that I’m the one who decides everything.

In a world in which sexual revolution reached its absolute peak, it is a shame to stifle your secret desires. Get rid of the fear and we will step to the right direction. If you have read all the information and got the impression that you are a suitable subject for my attention, call me or write me e-mail, because I can pick up the phone only when I’m not busy …

  • Shoe size: 39
  • Dress size : Xs/S