Vítám tě na osobních stránkach Madam AngellyZde se dozvíš vše o této mladé, ale zkušené Domině

E-Mail services

I offer long-form of slavery for those who find exciting to be controlled through the Internet. How it will be done? The first variant will maintain e-mail contact where you Madam report everything what is arranged, sending photos of fullfiled tasks, lock yourself into the the chastity until Madam lets you unlock and a lot more.

The second variant will maintain contact through the social network Facebook, or for those who like even on speaking engagement with dominant through mobile phone is direct voice contact with Madam.

If you are interested in this form of slavery, log in with your email message of your application for long-distance lessons (1 week, 2 times a week, constant supervision). Write me something about yourself, your desires and all what you would like under my supervision experience . This form of slavery has following fees:

  • 1x per week (4 days per month) 1000 CZK
  • 2x per week (8 days in the month) 2000 CZK
  • Constant daily supervision 5000 CZK